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HomeShoring is an industry that began in 1997 for the purpose of offsetting the negative aspects of outsourcing practices commonly used within the call center industry. In the 90s many companies moved their call centers overseas for purposes of cheaper labor.

Due to many communication inefficiencies and the lack of understanding of American customs and values, this tactic resulted in negative feedback from customers and ultimately, a huge loss of sales and customers. These companies realized that they had to bring their call centers back to the U.S.

However, these Companies, still wanted to maintain the financial benefits of eliminating facility and overhead costs. After extensive research, they found that most Americans already own a computer with a high speed internet connection and a basic telephone line which is 90% of the operating equipment necessary to provide professional services. By eliminating the Brick and Mortar call centers and utilizing Home Agents they were able to save in Call Center overhead costs while bringing those jobs back to Americans who provide a better quality of service. That is how the Home Shoring industry began.

My excitement and desire to provide outstanding, professional customer service came from my personal experiences with some of the offshore call centers and the inadequate service I received as well as the constant inability to communicate with the representatives due to heavy accents or a lack of understanding of American lingo and terminology. Because these instances tended to reoccur, I was proud to become a business to business, partner with Arise Virtual Solutions, the leading pioneer in the Home Shoring industry. Doing so allowed me to play an active part in bringing these positions back home and help people become self-sufficient and assist in their ability to provide for their families during the struggling economic crisis.


Arise Virtual Solutions has been featured on multiple news channels and maintains an A+ Better Business Bureau Accreditation Rating. You can visit Arise.com by clicking the LINK HERE.

The Arise model is built on a business to business (B2B) relationship. What this means is that Arise will only do business with an incorporated entity or LLC. 

Please Note: Arise is unable to enter into a business to business contract with the following States at this time: California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York and Oregon.

Joining an existing, contracted IBO, such as Diamond Minds, LLC, and requesting to be part of the Diamond Team gives you access to the Arise Platform.  As a Certified Service Professional, you will be servicing a variety of Arise Clients ranging from the Largest Computer Technology Company to the Leading Communications Provider and you eliminate the expense, accounting, taxes and time required to maintain and operate a home business.

There are 6 steps that you will need to complete to start the Arise application process. Diamond Minds’ staff of professionals, will be available 24/7 to assist you with each step of this process. Within these steps you will notice that there are some costs required for you to become Certified to service the Arise clients as a contractor.  You should consider these costs as an investment into your future goal of generating a substantial income for you and your family.