Initial Costs

To partner with Diamond Minds, LLC and service Arise Clients, you will need to become Client Certified. As a CSP on the Diamond Minds Team you will have exclusive access to an array of Fortune 500 clients in need of our services. Client specific revenue is pre-determined by Arise. Diamond Minds, LLC operates with full transparency and you are made aware of any revenue being offered by the client program you select.  

The initial costs* are as follows:

Client Certification = A $30.00 fee will be collected for a Background Check. A $20.00 fee will be accessed for failure to show up for Day 1 of  your enrolled certification class.   Successful completion of Certification will require an 80% – 85% or above score on all Quizzes; Knowledge Checks and Final Assessments. Please note that 100% attendance of all Instructor Led Classes are required to Certify for your prospective client opportunity. 

Diamond Minds, LLC, CSP’s ,  will receive hands on support throughout the Enrollment and Certification process to ensure their overall success.  A thorough review of the Opportunity Announcement is required.  Our team will review the Opportunities with you to help you make an informed decision on the Client Opportunity that best fits your skill set. 

The Enrollment Process can consist of the following (additional steps could be required) according to the Client Specifications: 

  1. Successful Completion of an Arise Program Assessment to access and enroll in Client Opportunities  
  2. Complete the Pre-requisites and Background Check to Successfully Enroll, within 24 hours. 
  3. Maintain an open line of communication with Diamond Minds, LLC
  4. Providing 30 to 60 days of Service with your chosen Client and meeting the SOW Requirements will allow you to receive a reduction in the bi-monthly Admin Fees (to be discussed during your interview).

Individual Client Certification courses range from 4 to 8 weeks and are completely initiated and led by Qualified Arise Instructors.  Incentives may be offered upon completion of Certification or during Client Servicing Time Frames. These incentives include revenue increases and/or free products and software.

Diamond Minds, LLC and all our CSPs are bound by a legal Non-Disclosure Agreement with Arise Virtual Solutions which protects the privacy of our Clients and prevents me and/or our CSP’s from discussing the Fortune 500 Companies that we currently service or using their Corporation Names in conversations.